Friday, February 18, 2011

NBA Drops the Ball on Miller Snub

Let me start this post first with some congratulations to Dennis Rodman, Chris Mullen, and Tex Winter.  They are three of the finalists named today for the NBA Hall-of-Fame.

Rodman, as mentioned in previous posts, is one of my favorite players of all time.  He was one of the most tenacious rebounders ever in the league and his hustle was unmatched.  So was his sense of fashion.

Mullin and the 'top
I will never understand why Chris Mullin was on the original Dream Team over Isaiah Thomas (except for that Jordan didn't want Zeek on the roster), but nonetheless, he was one of the best scorers people don't remember. His flattop is more popular then his offensive game, and that's a major oversite.  Mullin was a pure assassin and deserves a spot in the Hall.

Tex Winter deserves as much credit for the Bulls titles in the 90's as Jordan, Pippen, and Phil Jackson.  Maybe even more than Bill Wennington.  He was also instrumental in the Lakers championships in the early part of this century.  Winter's innovative triangle offense transformed the game. His offensive genius also should be rewarded with some space in Springfield, Massachusetts.

With these three, the NBA got it right.

But, now let me pull out my cardboard C'Mon Son sign.

How does the league not put Reggie Miller on the list of finalists?!

This should cause a Wisconsin state workers type uproar.

I don't care that it was his first year of eligibility.  I don't care that he played as much defense as Lindsey Lohan's conscious when deciding whether or not to do another bump in the bathroom.   I don't care that his sister may have been able to light him up one-on-one.

Reggie Miller is no doubt a Hall-of-Famer.  He took Indiana to six Eastern Conference finals, a trip to the NBA finals, was a five-time All Star, and an Olympic Gold medalist.  That's a Hall-of-Fame resume.

You don't leave unquestioned Hallers off just the finalists ballot.

Reggie represents a lost art in the league, pure jump shooters.  There are few guys today who can dominate simply from the outside.  LeBron and Wade can take over a game attacking the rim.  Carmelo can knock down shots from 15-17 feet and Earl Boykins' presence alone forces opponents to fold (Favorite player name drop).  With the exception of Ray Allen, no one else in the league now can do what Miller did for the Pacers.

Ask Spike.

Reggie's heroic performances at the Garden and his killer instinct are in a league of their own.   I understand the knock on him that he never won a title.  But, neither did Karl Malone or John Stockton.  No one questions their Hall of Fame credentials.

Until a week ago, no player had ever made more three point shots than Miller.  How soon we forget.  That is not an easy task.  You have to be great for a long time to make 2,560 triples.

Miller could be annoying to fans of opposing teams.  He often taunted and mocked his opponents.  So do LeBron and KG.  When its their time, they will make it to the final round of Hall-of-Fame voting.

I personally think Reggie Miller is a first ballot Hall-of-Famer.  Maybe I am in the minority.  But for voters to not even put him on the ballot as a finalist, is a colossal travesty.

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