Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LeBron: Smackin' More Than He's Packin'

There are few sayings that I think have more merit than "If you have to brag, you probably can't shag."  Ladies, do you follow me on this one?

Guys that toot the loudest horn often hit the wrong note when it matters most and LeBron James just played an E-flat when he should have played a G.

The Miami Heat superstar took an unnecessary jab at his former team last night, after the Cavaliers 55-point embarrassing loss to the Lakers.

James tweeted, "Crazy. Karma is a b****. Gets you every time. It's not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!"

The hypocrisy of the statements is ludicrous! He was sending his own ill will by basically  saying "F you Cleveland. F you Dan Gilbert. Look at how bad you are without me.  Look at how good I am."

We get it LeBron, you are a great player.  You were the reason the Cavs won the most games in the regular season the last two years and we know they are now the worst team in the league.

It's these "mine is bigger than yours" type comments that will forever keep James out of the ranks of the game's greatest, despite his tremendous talents.

I learned at a young age that having class trumps having skill.

While playing football with my grandfather in the front yard one day when I was about six-years-old, I scored a touchdown and immediately hit the Deion Sanders.  It looked fresh.  A 3'6, mini-afro'ed Sam, going side-to-side like Primetime.  If that were 20-years later, I'd be a youtube sensation.  But instead, I was an embarrassment.

My grandpa gave me one of the sternest looks I've ever seen, followed by this gem, "Why do you need to celebrate? Act like you've been there before."

That was his way of saying "Have some class, you look like a jackass."

You gain respect by respecting your opponent and trying to show people up does nothing but sour your own achievements.

It's almost cliche to say 'I hate LeBron not because he left Cleveland, but because of how he left.'  Yes, 'The Decision' was insanely stupid.  That mini-concert introducing he, Bosh, and Wade in Miami took over-the-top to new extremes. And the dancing and winks he did in his return game to Cleveland were beyond annoying.

But his recent social media tirade may be his worst move yet.

LeBron is going out of his way to gain added attention.  He said after the game, "I've kind of accepted this villain role everyone has placed on me. I'm OK with it."

He's OK with it because he's too lazy to try to make amends.  It would take a real man to stand up and say "Yea, the Decision was awful, I wish Cleveland the best, and am now focused on working with my current teammates."

But that would require him to swallow some of his pride and show some humility, which requires effort.  LeBron doesn't want to put forth effort, he wants success to be handed to him.

He jumped ship to Miami because it would be easier to win a title there than Cleveland.   He refuses to acknowledge his poor decisions because its easier to stay the same than take a good, hard look in the mirror and try to change. He bashes his former teammates because its more glorifying to take all the credit for the player he is today than commend those that helped him get there.

I can't see Michael Jordan tweeting about the Lakers after they lost to the Celtics.  Or Magic talking about an off shooting night for Bird, because their sole focus was on winning a title.  What others did had no effect on their team.  For them, it was all about winning championships, all the time.

LeBron's concern is less about that title he claims to be chasing in Miami and more about proving his individual value.

He TELLS us he's a winner, but hasn't SHOWN it either on or off the court.

So LeBron, keep tweeting about how good you are and how bad life is without you, but just know until you start accumulating a few Larry O'Brien trophies you are still just the guy who says he's packin', while those who see your true colors are around the corner laughin'.

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