Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Want What I Should Have!

This weekend's NFL playoff games signified a much needed return to football that mattered.  For the past month, my TV has been bombarded with the "Justin Bieber Hairspray Bowl," and "John Boehner Spray Tan Bowl."  I simply can not handle the pointless, insignificant college football 'postseason.'

I need a college playoff system and I need it now.

Don't get me wrong, I think Monday's National Championship game between Auburn and Oregon is going to be tremendous, but part of me will always wonder what TCU could have done against those teams.  Same goes for Boise State last year and Auburn in 2004.  We'll never know.

I am one of the people who supports the argument that part of the reason college football is so great is because every game counts.  Every week is a school's shot at a National Title.  Slip up one week, kiss that crystal ball goodbye.  Slip up twice, tell mom you'll be home for New Years because you are playing in the " Bowl."

The NFL, while by no means perfect, has the best playoff system.

Think about it.  The 7-9 Seahawks, who won the worst division in the history of the league, beat the defending Super Bowl champion Saints who were double digit favorites.  With that said, Seattle had no business hosting the game, but true champions find a way to win no matter what the circumstances.

Rex 'sexy feet' Ryan took his big mouth and three chins into Indy and knocked off the team that was one bad throw away from beating the Saints in last year's title game.

Queue Kevin Garnett, 'Anything is possible!'...and why? Because it celebrates the competitiveness of the sport by giving teams a fair(er) shake.

College football owes it to fans and players to implement a playoff.  Hiding behind arguments that the system would make seasons too long and take players away from class is a total fraud.

That's greed talking.  If you are so concerned with kids playing too many games, take that Prairie View A&M game off your early season schedule.  Oh wait, that means schools won't get the revenue of 75,000 people packing their stadiums, eating their popcorn, and buying jerseys (one players can't sell though, but that's for another day).

6'9 Power Forward
And the day that most athletes start thinking about their calculus class ahead of gameday is the day I am a 6'9 power forward in the NBA. 

(Side note, you can make a nice chunk of cash in college writing papers for lazy athletes, so if players do actually want a decent grade, it can be profitable for other students.)

Adding an eight team playoff doesn't mean you still can't have the "Enzyte Big Guys Bowl."  You can reward 6-6 teams with a postseason appearance, but let those that have earned it get more out of their 11-1 season than just a bag of swag and a trip to Orlando.

Plus, companies can still get their piece of the pie by sponsoring playoff games as if it were a bowl.  Who wouldn't be excited about the "Wendy's Frosty Round Two Playoff Bowl."  Sign Me UP!

The fans want it, most players seem to want it, heck, even President Obama said he wants to look into the issue.

College basketball's tournament in March is so loved because every tream truly has a chance to put on that slipper and be Cinderella for a few weeks.

It's a shame schools like TCU will continue to be step-daughter peasants.

It's time College Football start looking at it's big brother, the NFL, to get it right.

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